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pre 29/05/2018 New route announced with little useful information.

This is all dependent on if it happens/when it happens.

I went to the A27 5aV (new name for amended route) event. Basically the change to the east end (Tortington) has no effect on us.

The west end junction at Yapton lane and the 5aV option with the (to be old) A27 is under re-design and they do not know the outcome yet. So the event was not very helpful at all to us.

29/05/2018 The latest update to the 5A route saga has been emailed to all members with email accounts. Basically the objection is no longer a local matter, it has gone national with the backing of the Non-Governmental Organisations and Southdown Park. Also the proposed improvements by the Enviroment Minister for more protection to National Parks are not helping Highways Englands case. So at this time the future looks good for the woods and Binsted but the fight is not over yet.

05/07/2018 I have an update on the latest unapproved road plan. I will get this out to you as soon as I can. WPS/Highways England have been spoken to again in a less than friendly manner. I need to keep civil as we need to talk to each other until this is over.

But they are asking for weekend access, which they have now been told not to ask for again as they have already been told not to ask. One of these requests was for a Bank Holiday weekend. They are still doing minimum request times on dates. If this happens again, I will extend the request time. Times already agreed they are asking to change.

I have also asked if there has been any progress in investigating why I close the woods and then the surveyors do not turn up.

I said "We have paid members who have seen the plans of what Highways England want to do to the woods that has been this clubs home for 18 years. The last people they want to see in the woods are more pro-road surveyors. Try to bare this in mind when organising access. I am waiting for a response.