Established 2000



Field Archers

V10 2017

Committee Members

Chairperson: Gary Snook, 34 North Road, Bosham, PO18 8NL, 07541172378

Secretary: Peter Parker,1 Fernbank, Waterloo Rd, PO22 7EH, 01243 826386

Treasurer: Andy Millard, 50 Davits Drive, Littlehampton, BN17 6RU, 07543916493

Executive Officer: Ken Lewry, 70 Chantery Field, Angmering, BN16 4DH, 01903 785467

Club Noticeboard

(messages from the committee)

NFAS must be paid before a club membership card is issued.

You must have the card in your hand as " in the post" does not cover you (insurance).

Without either you cannot shoot.

Apply for NFAS early as you can wait several weeks come April.

Please fill out a club membership form even if you are renewing your membership.


Binstead A27 option is 5A and if it goes ahead will go straight through our woods.

Winter 2017/2018 will announce the preferred route.

2020 construction will start if option is approved by goverment.

2023 road opens.

When we know the outcome, if it is unfavourable to us,we will search for new grounds.

Just remember some people what ever the option will lose their homes.


The road will "go through here sign" in the woods is as near as I can calculate in the correct place according to current plans if option 5A is chosen.


Latest update is every council bar one has voted for 5A.

I am seeking advice and options with this problem at the moment and will publish any news, good or bad when I have it.


No updates at this time, still waiting on a decision.