Coronavirus Info



Found 30th November 1998

Coronavirus Information

                                                                           C-19 Health & Safety advice 

If you have or suspect you have C-19 stay away for 3 weeks from the day of diagnosis.

If you are in the vulnerable group police yourself .

If people do not stay away when infected or police them selves, I will then be forced to close all courses.

Think of others before yourself and observe hygiene advice at all times.

Club kitchen and drop toilet shut until further notice.

Bring your own drinks and snacks.

 From  4th July, 6 archers per set of pegs will be allowed.

But remember 2 meter zone still applies.

Keep healthy, good shooting.


Latest Guidance regarding Covid-19 from NFAS

Further to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday 10th May allowing sports to now be undertaken, and discussion with the insurance broker, the Committee recommend the following:

  • Anyone that has been in contact with someone who has, or is suspected as having, Covid-19 must not attend the club/woods. We recommend that anyone that has vulnerable people living at home should not attend the club/woods.
  • Clubs to complete risk assessments to determine if it is possible to socially distance. If this is not possible then the club/woods should remain closed. Risk assessment should consider, but not be limited to, the amount of people in the woods and how to limit groups, the number of gates handled to access the property, if ropes have to be used for safe conduct on the course, and the state of targets and if arrows can be pulled safely with minimal hand use. Blank risk assessment forms and examples on how to complete can be found under the Club Pack on the NFAS website.
  • Clubs must ensure the landowners agree with members starting to use the woods.
  • Communal facilities at clubs/woods to remain unavailable, such as tea/coffee making facilities, toilets etc.
  • Only family groups living in the same household, OR two people observing social distancing, to shoot round together.
  • When social distancing, approach the target one at a time, pull own arrows, then stand 2 metres away to allow the other person to pull their arrows. Try not to touch the target with your hands. Be aware when searching for arrows.
  • Clubs should not invite guests.
  • Clubs should cancel all shoots (e.g. open shoots, club shoots, and ‘friendly’) until the Government guidelines advise that gatherings can take place.
  • No indoor club practices.
  • Comply with all Government guidelines, if this changes at short notice then Government guidelines take precedent. This also only covers England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have taken a much more prudent approach to activities and members in these locations should follow localised Government guidelines.

NFAS Committee 12/05/2020