NFAS Membership

NFAS membership.

Ratpack membership will not be issued without proof of NFAS membership

NFAS membership must be taken out by the archer with the NFAS.It cannot be taken out by the club on behalf of the archer.This is your insurance and it is a requirment that you have it before you can apply for Ratpack membership.

 NFAS membership is due for renewal by 1st April each year .If you cannot produce a current membership card when requested you will not be allowed to shoot as you will be considered uninsured. NFAS rules state that you must have your membership card with you when shooting, no exceptions.It is your only proof of insurance.It is best to  renew your memberships before 1st April to insure you are carrying current cards.The nearer to 1st April that you leave it to renew the longer it will take.


New NFAS members must have their shooting safety evaluated  and the provisional membership form signed by Ratpack's appointed person.

Use this form for first time purchasing of NFAS membership.  NFAS membership form

NFAS online membership facility is for renewals only.  NFAS online membership